Trip to Alnwick Castle

Yesterday we visited Alnwick Castle where we had loads of fun in the sun! We began the day by walking around the castle grounds. We had a look at the large castle doors, the castle walls (and inside some of the towers along the walls) the cannons, deep down in the dungeon and even inside the amazing and extremely grand castle keep!

We enjoyed eating our lunch in the castle grounds before we went on to visit the Knight’s Quest where we made a medieval tile and medieval soap and then got some time to dress up as knights or princesses.

Before heading back to school on the coach some of us were brave and entered the Dragon’s Quest. A few of us had to stay outside to look after some of the teachers who were a bit scared!

It was a non-stop day filled full of fun and learning and we would love to go back to visit Alnwick Castle again!

What was your favourite part of the day and why?

Welcome to Y1/2K!


Hello and welcome to Y1/2K!

During the last couple of weeks we have very much enjoyed settling into our new class, meeting new people and making new friends. We have had lots of fun learning each other’s names and finding out about one another – some of the fabulous work we have completed has been displayed on our classroom walls and it’s starting to look great!

We have also thought about how to keep our school perfect all of the time. We have impressed Miss King with our work, our manners, our helpfulness, our behaviour and most of all our super smiles!

What activities have you most enjoyed in Y1/2K so far?